Sadık Kauçuk





Customer-centric approach with the right people for the right job to place our company, to select in high potential, rotation, and various business branches providing the development. Our main goals are performance management system and evaluate the performance, and appointments with  to do dcareer planning with our employees for a long-term cooperations Always we will be next you quality, time, and knowledge sharing and to never give up our ethical perspectives on issues that confidence approaching our vision and mission open to new ideas, creative, reliable, applying contemporary human resource policies.


Sadık Kauçuk a pioneer in the industry of rubber and polyurethane rubber, personal and professional development of its employees every opportunity to complete their creating. The mission of Human Resources, Loyal rubber in the rubber industry for highly qualified employees is to ensure that the most preferred company.


Excitement and pride that our employees by creating a work environment, which is the most important factor in the continued success of our company to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction; customer-oriented, socially responsible and ethical emphasis, always aims to win the company's highly qualified staff knowledge, skills and competencies developed; potential uncovering, consistently outstanding performance, ensuring the health sector most preferred to be the company and this position is to protect.